Making Democracy Work


The League conducts its activities through various committees. The current committees and contact members follow:
  • Voter Service: Anita Rogers, Rosemary Shields
    Promotes voter registration and active, knowledgeable voter participation in government
  • Health: Sally Cahill, Pat Ryle
    Studies existing and proposed healthcare policies and issues and provides public forums and information on the issues. Supports quality and affordable healthcare for all U.S. residents
  • Youth Service: Karen Mazza
    Promotes a positive future for Cape Cod youth, collaborating with organizations focused on supporting positive social, economic, and educational outcomes
  • Membership: Phyllis Walsh, Matti Ligon
    Develops and implements plans for member recruitment and retention initiating strategies for outreach
  • Legislation: Renate Sands
    Promotes communication and advocacy among League members and legislators regarding legislation, programs and issues proposed/adopted locally, statewide, and nationwide
  • Voter Editor: Nancy Erskine
    Write and distribute Cape Cod League's monthly bulletin, The Voter ,updating and informing members of activities, opportunities and relevant news
  • Communications: Laura Samuels
    Provides news and information to press and public about League forums, activities, and relevant issues
  • Website: Mark Ameres, Richard Utt
    Updates content for Leagues' Website