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County Government - The Nuts and Bolts

What does County Government do for you? A lot, as it turns out!

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County Government - The Nuts and Bolts

Charter Review Committee Meetings

LWVCCA members Judy Thomas and Paula Bacon, continuing their tireless work following Barnstable County Government, attended a Charter Review Committee meeting on October 2.

Judy's "My View" about that meeting, which was printed in the Cape Cod Times: Support Reorganization of County Government

And Paula's letter to the editor, also from the Cape cod Times: Town-focused Charter Reviewers Aren't Up to the Task

A public hearing on possible changes to County Government - including the possible elimination of the  3 member Board of Commissioners - has been called for Wednesday, Oct. 16, at 4:30 PM in the East Conference Room of the former county jail at the county complex in Barnstable.

Charter Review Committee Seeks Public Comments + Press Release

CRC Meeting Notice 10-16-19

Prior to that meeting, a regular meeting of the Assembly of Delegates is scheduled at 4:00 PM, so the Charter Review Committee could start late:

10-16-19 Business Calendar